Lists for people who like to make lists

I've always kept lists-
lists of my favourite shirts,
moments never to forget (to remember),
the best (and worst) kisses,
what to do in insert-city-here when you're bored,
my morning routine.

Tonight I wanted to write down a list of the best records I've listened to this weekend.
Because all I've done the last three days is go for long walks in the forest,
and listen to records when I got home and it started to rain.
It's been a weekend spent digging deep into crates - or in this case, my shelves.
And I don't want to forget some of the songs / albums that have kept me company.

So, in no particular order.

My end-of-August favourite records:

-Orange Juice: Rip it Up
-The Monochrome Set: The Good Life
-Elvis Costello & The Attractions (because it's important to distinguish between the two!): This Year's Model
-The Pastels: Truckload of Trouble
-Jonathan Richman: I, Jonathan
-The Chantels: Maybe (Greatest Hits)
-Pete Dello & Friends: Into Your Ears
-Roberta Flack: First Take
-Ruby Andrews: Cassanova
-The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: ""
-The Boys Next Door: These Boots Are Made For Walking (single)
-The Boys Next Door: Door, Door (can we hear it for the song 'Shivers')

And that's the song I'm capping off with for my Sunday night.

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